Thursday, 20 November 2014

Slowly preparing

There is no doubt about it: The radio is playing Christmas songs, the ornate Christmas lights have been turned on, the halls are decked with boughs of Holly, we are eating gingerbread cookies already - Christmas is coming - whether we are ready for it or not.  I'll help you ease into the festivities with these slightly Christmassy Christmas branches with ornaments from Ikea. These are cute and a tiny reminder of what is coming next. Are you ready for it?, Are you loving it already? Or do you rush around last minute getting stuff done??

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mapology guides

Once in a while you come across something so good you wish you'd come up with it yourself! Such a thing are the genius Mapology guides - the brainchild between entrepreneur, blogger and designer (and dear blogger friend of mine) Tina Bernstein and Mike Abrahams - designer, curator and artist book maker.

The idea is to use maps for everyday conundrums, and to encourage people to seek answers in these fab little maps. So rather than looking at a map for an actual destination, it's more like finding your way with a little help from a map. They call it bite-sized visual learning, and it helps you tackle everyday questions by locating yourself on the map, and see where it takes you.

I have had a blast exploring these cool maps with my family, and this is what we have found out so far:

Be Present Perfect

Do I need to mention this one is perfect for Christmas and the festive season, because it helps you seek out the perfect present for people - all the time. I see myself as a bit of an oracle when it comes to buying gifts, but this map really got me. I adore it, and I think you will too. The Mr. sure needed this - so I am hoping for a better present this Christmas ha ha..

Would Like To Meet...

This map is for everyone wanting a pet. It gives you an insight into which pet wold be the best match for you. Getting a small animal is an important decision, and I think this map is a great way to find out what would be the perfect pet for you, so you can make the best choice for everyone.
The girls and I explored this together, and the girls (think they) are ready for a rabbit or a parrot - however I don't think we have room for a horse (or at least that's my excuse)

What's bugging you

We all have things that bug us, things that hold us back.  This map provides ideas to help you find ways to deal with the things that annoy us in our everyday life - make the right decision and move on! This map is probably my favourite. You can use it again and again and again, and write your notes on the back, and revisit them later if need be.

The Mapology series consists of these 3 maps, posters and postcards. Tina & Mike teamed up with cool illustrators and artists, and they have joined the projects on the business model called shared risk and shared rewards

I hope you will have a look, and enjoy these maps, and the rest of the collection from Mapology guides. I wish them all the success in the World and look forward to seeing what Map they come up with next:) You can peruse the website and get your own here >> website and online shop

Friday, 14 November 2014

Blue Christmas

I saw this sweet summerhouse, and the way the owner had decked it out for Christmas was somewhat different than what people usually do, so I thought I'd let you have a look and see what you thought of Christmas in blue hues. I kinda like it, and I think it's nice and different. Probably wouldn't go there every year, but it works. 
TGIF my friends, have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Engen & Engen

Engen & Engen is a brand new danish interior design company founded by brother and sister Eline Engen and Martin Engen. They have a natural approach to design, and their items are handcrafted made primarily  in India. I absolutely adore their  poetic style, and wish them every success. Happy Wednesday everyone - I'm finally better and up and about. :)


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