Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tour de Rejsekort

MOVIA asked a few bloggers to show how easy it is to use the (Danish Travelcard) Rejsekortet in Copenhagen - your choice of destinations.  As you know I'm always up for a challenge, so I got the girls and the Mr. by the hand, jumped on the train and explored our amazing city without having to think about parking.

CHECK IN AND GO - look for the little machine with the bright blue light
Anya Jensen Photography

We took the train and our first port of call was NORDHAVN station.  - I have discovered a secret spot in the old harbour that many photographers use for editorials, and as the urban cool family we are, I thought the girls should see it. We spent ages running back and forth and climbing around. 

Anya Jensen Photography
Anya Jensen Photography

We walked back to the main road, and we jumped on the train to HOVEDBANEG├ůRDEN as we had a special treat in mind for the kids. TIVOLI gardens has just opened - and we love this place so much. Magical, flowery and a whole load of fun. We spent quite a few hours in there.

Anya Jensen Photography
Anya Jensen Photography

Afterwards we took the train back to N├śRREPORT Station, and as we  needed to get food for dinner, we headed to cool indoor food halls - called TORVEHALLERNE. If you're a foodie - like me - you're gonna love this place. You can buy anything you heart desires. We opted for the fish stall HAV2GO and Audrey picked some delicious prawns for her dinner (posh kid) - Holly wanted seared Tuna (even posher kid) - We had the salmon. I adore Torvehallerne.

Anya Jensen Photography
Anya Jensen Photography

As the weather was so nice, we walked across the beautiful Dronning Louise's Bro, and walked along the cool coloured houses by the lake. Then we jumped on the Bus 6A and had a short walk home after after a day full of sunshine and ice-cream. Thank you REJSEKORTET for a fun day exploring our own city.

Anya Jensen Photography
Anya Jensen Photography

Rejsekortet  is the cool Danish travel card. You check in and go > check in go > and check out at your destination. Topping up is mega easy and the card is like a credit card, small, convenient and personalised - you can even bring your bike, or a friend along.

This post is sponsored by Movia - the opinions are mine entirely

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Easter is rapidly approaching, and we are all about decorating the Easter eggs. These are a few looks that I found inspirational - hopefully ours will be as great as these. Do you decorate eggs at home?? And are they usually real eggs, polystyrene or cotton eggs. We have used the artificial kind before, but I fancy trying my hand at decorating the real ones this year, so be sure to watch this space.

Found here 1/2/3/4/5/

Wooden dyed eggs
Confetti dipped eggs
Glitter eggs
Washi tape and gold leaf eggs 
Gold leaf pastel eggs

Monday, 14 April 2014

Colour here - colour there

Lovely white canvas with splashes of colour here and there. I'm loving the colourful Eames chairs everywhere, and the clever use of wallpaper in the kids rooms. Very cute indeed. Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a marvellous weekend.
via Femina