Friday, 24 April 2015

Holiday dreams

I was just looking through my old photographs from our holiday to the South of France last year, and stumbled across loads I hadn't even really noticed before. Taking tons of photos can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, - the good bit is that you can sit and reminisce,remember, and relive the beautiful places you have been. The not so great thing, is that it always takes ages to go through your photos, as I am not very good at throwing anything away. It also takes up loads of space. I do need to get better at organising my images. How do you manage yours? Dropbox? External hard disk? Or do you keep the best ones, and discard the rest immediately?
As you all know - we are huge fans of a good flea market 
These images are from Grasse - the perfume city in Provence. We loved visiting, and I love the dusty colours in the images. Audrey had clearly matched her outfit to the scenery (unknowingly:)
 Even the laundry looks stylish in Grasse
Audrey matching her surroundings

Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Styling up a storm..

So I have been practising my styling skills lately as I think that practise makes perfect. I really enjoyed  doing this little vignette, and buying props to complement the look I am going for.
What do you think?? Does it evoke a feeling of spring??
HAPPY WEDNESDAY people - we are loving spring here in Copenhagen.

Anya Jensen Photography & Styling

Monday, 20 April 2015


I am one of those people who always have a camera on me. Back in the day, it would be kinda heavy carrying around a large camera including lenses around all day, so luckily we can capture amazing things with an iPhone today. But when I'm in the car, the large version SLR is always in the boot, and when we passed the most amazing spot in the forest near our home, I grabbed Audrey & my camera, and captured the most delicate, and beautiful Anemones.

It is always a sure sign in Denmark that Spring is here, as the anemones start peeking out from the forest and turns everything white. I love this time of year - it is a fresh new beginning.

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography
Hope you had a wonderful weekend - it is almost 20 degrees here in Denmark and we are loving being out and about all the time. HAPPY MONDAY xox


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